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Reviews for Back Pain Center

Positive First Experience

This was my very first ever chiropractor visit. I was apprehensive but I am so glad I followed through with the visit. It was so much better than I expected. I will definitely recommend Dr. Nicholson.

– Sue H.


Dr. Matt was fantastic. Listened to my problems and gave me results not only instantly but also exercises to help myself. I do a CrossFit workout 5-6 times a week and he was very knowledgeable of the forms and techniques that I have been having problems with. I will be back. Yes thanks Dr. Matt!

– Chris Y.

Highly Recommend

It has been awesome. I have not experienced any of the pain and problems that I had been having since being great by Dr. Nicholson. The staff show a great compassion for their patients and have great knowledge of their work. I highly recommend!!

– Ryan S.

Truly Grateful

I am truly grateful for the help I have received. Dr. Nicholson is helping me relieve and resolve (very) long-standing back and neck problems that I was almost ready to treat with surgery. Dr. Nicholson was highly recommended to me and I am so happy I took the opportunity to see him and give chiropractic a try.

– Terese E.

Encouraging and Easy to Understand

Dr. Matt Nicholson was so encouraging. He seem clinically well versed. He explained things in a very understandable manner.

– Mary S.

Compassionate and Empathetic

Dr Matt was amazing. I came in with terrible low back pain and he was so compassionate and empathetic towards my pain. He took his time and really helped me understand what was happening.

– Holly L.

Expecting Great Results

Great experience! Expecting great results! Felt Dr. Nicholson Looked for the root of the problems and not just treating symptoms!

– Joyce A.

Optimistic for Resolution

I encourage you to keep going to events like Race 13.1. Not only did I get relief from my leg cramps, I also got a quick evaluation of the underlying cause and a summary of what you could do to help. I honestly would not have sought treatment without this experience. I am now cautiously optimistic that we can resolve this nagging issue that’s been hampering my progress as a runner. Thank you!

– Claudia D.

Great Interaction With Doctor

Personal interaction with the doctor was great. Felt like I was being heard and understood. Thank you.

– Holly R.

Very Helpful

Dr. Brinker is very helpful and is extremely encouraging. He’s also very knowledgeable and gives you different ways to help you recover quickly!

– Savanna B.


Ryan was a huge help!

I will continue my exercises but will be back if need be! Everyone in the office also were very helpful. Ryan Brinker explained everything before proceeding and my neck feels so much better!

– Diana E.

Great Experience

It was a great experience. Everyone extremely, knowledgeable, helpful and kind.

– Pam G.


This was my first visit to a Chiropractor. Being in the health care industry, I was always a little hesitant. I have to say that I was impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Grogan. He made eye contact with me from start to finish. His manner is caring and compassionate. He explained, in detail, every aspect of the planned therapy. He offered to work with my trainer so that I can return to full functional capacity. I left feeling confident that I am headed in the right direction and am going to get my issues resolved.

– Dorothy G.

Out of Back Pain & Back to Running

I had run a marathon in April of this year and had no pain or injuries during my training. I took a little time off to rest and when I got back into running and my kickboxing class i began to have some low back pain that ran down my leg to my knee and groin area. I also hid some flank pain that accompanied this as well. It went on for about 2 months. I always thought it would go away on its own, but I got tired of waiting for relief. I had never been to the chiropractor before visiting Dr. Nicholson. Within 6 visits I felt almost 100% better.

I went back to running and feel great. Dr. Nicholson was so thorough in his evaluation of me, that he was able to pinpoint my problem areas and relieve the pain in just a few visits. I will continue to get adjusted in hopes of maintaining a healthy, pain free body. Thanks to Dr. Nicholson I am back in training for my next run.

– Karin Bond

Friendly, Warm & Caring

When I called the Back Pain Center I could tell from the friendly, warm and caring voice that answered the phone that I would be well served to give the services at the center a try. I was right Dr. Johnnie and the therapists have all demonstrated a very professional and caring manner. Being treated at the center has made a positive influence on my health and well being. I heartily recommend the center to everyone who would like to experience in improving their quality of life.

– Rosalie Suftko

Answered My Questions

Definitely feel that Dr. Matt will have me back to myself before I know it. He spoke very confidently, was able to show me and explain the exact area we are working on healing. Very personable and found he was open to answer any questions I had.

– Kathleen R.

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