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Meet Dr. Matthew Nicholson

Chiropractor O'Fallon, Dr. Matt Nicholson

I wanted to build something that I believed in so much, I knew I could send my own family there.

As an O’Fallon chiropractor, Dr. Nicholson wanted nothing more than to create a safe space for patients to get well and stay well, without any of the “runaround”. Now, with two locations under his belt, Back Pain Center is proud to serve those young and old, helping them get well and stay well for the long term.

An Education in Chiropractic

Dr. Nicholson attended the renowned Logan College of Chiropractic, graduating in 2009. In addition to his chiropractic schooling, he’s continued to pursue additional training, receiving certification in Full Body Active Release Technique and as a certified IRONMAN provider. There’s nothing he wants more than the best for his patients-and he believes that with focus and research-backed techniques, he can achieve exactly that.

His Approach to Care

Dr. Nicholson doesn’t believe in “beating around the bush”-if he can get you well, he will! He and our entire team focuses on providing solutions for a number of musculoskeletal conditions, using research and proper diagnosis to achieve optimal results. When you choose us for your care, you can rest easy knowing that we see you as much more than a number-your care plan will always be customized to you and your needs. We believe that you’re unique, and so are your complaints-that’s why we’ll provide focused, specific adjustments and techniques at every visit.


Outside of the Practice

When he isn’t in the practice, Dr. Nicholson loves spending time with his family and exploring all that Wentzville has to offer. He’s also a professor at a local college, sharing his love of natural health and wellness with the next generation.

  • I walked out of my first appointment feeling SO much better for the first time in a few months. Thank you, Dr. Nicholson!!
    -Rachel N.
  • Great experience! Expecting great results! Felt Dr. Nicholson Looked for the root of the problems and not just treating symptoms!
    -Joyce A.
  • Thank you for making my daughter feel comfortable and at ease with her adjustment!
    -Harper H.
  • I like the energy Dr. Nicholson has.
    -Renee B.
  • My jaw is feeling better already, and I was able to eat some solid food. Yay!!! I am diligently doing my jaw exercises. I feel very positive about a complete recovery. Thank you, Dr. Matt.
    -Diana B.
  • I would absolutely recommend Dr. Nicholson.
    -Daniel N.
  • Dr Nicholson was fantastic! I had two visits and he fixed my problem. I really appreciate that he didn’t try to “sell” ongoing visits but simply said to call him if I had future issues. Highly recommend him.
    -Myron R.
  • It is refreshing and comforting that I got and honest answer from Matt that my issue would have to be surgically repaired without dragging it out for months and then find out. Matt was very knowledgeable about my issue and checked it and gave a me the proper diagnosis. I would recommend him to anyone one!
    -Matthew G.
  • Dr. Matt is awesome! I felt heard and helped.
    -Stephanie C.
  • Matt is the man. Appreciate the education he provided. Will definitely recommend him to family and friends in need.
    -Tyler K.
  • Miracle worker!
    -Karl P.
  • Had a great experience! Matt is extremely knowledgeable and I immediately felt better! Thank you!
    -Michelle R.
  • It was my first visit to the BPC. I was very impressed with how professional and informative Dr. Nicholson was. Would highly recommend anyone to see him.
    -Ryan R.
  • I appreciated being able to be seen quickly to help with alleviating the pain. The doctor did a very thorough assessment in order to provide the best treatment.
    -Susan L.
  • Dr. Moore is amazing. He took the time to listen to my issues and even was able to diagnose me after having the issues that I have for over 15 years. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has back pain and wants a doctor who listens, understands and actually wants to help fix it. Thank you!
    -Dusty A.
  • Dr. Matt Nicholson was so encouraging. He seem clinically well versed. He explained things in a very understandable manner.
    -Mary S.
  • Matt was so clear and concise. He explained why an adjustment would not help but offered options. Having the nurse consult onsite was such a blessing!
    -Julie F.

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