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Vitamin IV Therapy in O’Fallon

young playful coupleEven though you may drink a lot of water during the day, or fill up on Gatorade, most of us, at some point, experience dehydration every day. Vitamin IV therapy addresses that problem and provides nutrients many people are deficient in.

Why Do I Need IV Therapy?

Anytime you take an oral supplement, it must travel through your digestive system before the beneficial components are absorbed into your body. This process may take days, as food and supplements digest at different rates. So your body has to wait for the nutrients it so desperately needs now.

With IV therapy, the good stuff you need enters circulation immediately, providing almost 100% availability to your body in a more efficient manner. In contrast, supplements taken orally provide about 15% of usable nutrients. Lack of essential nutrients may contribute to low energy, brain fog, decreased immune function, and many other issues.

What to Expect

When you come to Back Pain Center, either Natalie, or one of our other ALIVE nurses or nurse practitioners, will review your medical history for anything that might be of concern. Your safety is our top priority! We’ll discuss what goals you want to achieve with IV therapy, and which ingredients will be most suitable for you.

We explain the entire process, and answer any questions you may have, before we start. When you’re ready to proceed, the nurse will make sure you’re comfortable before inserting the IV catheter, and connecting it to your IV fluids. We follow strict protocols to provide you with the best possible absorption of the nutrients.

The IV bags contain one liter of fluid, which will run from 45-60 minutes. Relax, read, use your phone, or even catch up on some work, if you’d like. When done, the nurse will remove the catheter, apply pressure and a bandage, and you’re done!

Learn More Today

Need more energy? Want to boost your immune system? ALIVE may be able to help you! Prices start as low as $79.00. Schedule an appointment with a team member, or contact Natalie directly at 636-248-0605, or email her at

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