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About Back Pain Center

Back Pain Center chiropractors

Our Philosophy

When patients choose us for their chiropractic care and natural health services, we like to make sure we get one thing across from the start-when you choose us, we put your needs first and aim to get you the care you need-no more and no less.

Our practice places an extreme emphasis on properly diagnosing patients and using research backed techniques to get them out of pain and into health. After you’re feeling better, our next goal is to keep you feeling better, working to prevent future issues than may occur.

Simply put, we see it as our job to help people, plain and simple.

Discover and Diagnosis

At Back Pain Center, there are two crucial keys to your care-discovering what’s going on in your body and diagnosing what exactly is causing it. Using advanced diagnostic tools including ultrasound scans, we’re confident that we can achieve both accurately.

What does this mean for you?

You won’t be given the run around. Your care will be honest and effective. And most importantly, you won’t have to “deal” with your pain any longer.

Our entire team will be here for you every step of the way-that’s a promise.


Who We Help

We’re proud to welcome patients of all walks of life into our care, from children to seniors and everyone in between. When you visit us, we’ll let you know if we believe you can benefit from our care-if we think you’d be a better fit for a different specialty, we’ll happily refer you to a trusted practitioner outside of our care because we want the best for you!

  • I was super impressed with the level of care I received. Very informative doctor and friendly staff – so grateful I found this team! Thank you!

    -Jane L.
  • You are all amazing! Thank you for everything.

    -Larry K.
  • Exceptional. I would recommend anyone to come here.

    -Terran J.
  • I really had a great experience. My pain is gone!

    -Matt K.
  • Dr. John and Brandy were absolutely amazing and I cant wait to come back to see them! They were both so incredibly helpful with my neck issues and made me feel like a million bucks by the time I left.

    -Lindsay L.
  • My visit went very well and I learned a lot that no other chiropractor has taken the time to explain to me.

    -Miranda H.
  • I can not say enough good things about The Back Pain center. Every visit I have felt listened to and cared for!

    -Amy O.
  • An absolutely great experience!

    -Brooklynn C.
  • Everyone was very friendly and thorough!

    -Sara P.
  • Extremely friendly and made me feel comfortable! Never questioned anything. I felt wonderful after leaving. Overall great experience!

    -Emma R.
  • Everyone was very professional and polite. Made me feel at ease and listened to my concerns and issues. A great experience overall. I would highly recommend.

    -Ralph C.
  • What an awesome experience! Thank you for listening to my concerns!

    -Susan H.
  • They go above and beyond for sure!

    -Katie R.
  • Matt put all my Fears about going to the chiropractor at ease.

    -Deniz S.
  • I had a great visit/learning experience to keep my back stretched and pain free. I look forward to my next appointment to check my progress. Thanks Doc..!!!

    -David K.
  • Lots of relief in pain after my adjustment. Great experience; never feeling rushed, misunderstood, or unheard. I’ll keep coming back!

    -Lindsey J.
  • The 2 ladies at the front desk was very very nice ! Beautiful smile & very helpful!

    -Sini F.
  • Professional and friendly staff! I liked that the treatment plan included preventative measures as well as immediate action steps. They truly care about my overall health and well-being!

    -Rashell M.
  • Your receptionist was very professional and friendly. That made me feel comfortable. Dr. Brinker really listened and pin-pointed the issues I’ve been having with neck/shoulder pain.

    -Beth Y.
  • I was a previous patient but moved over an hour away, I wasn’t getting the results I needed so I drive the distance and got some answers, exercises and stretches to help with my back pain

    -Donna R.
  • I love that I was given exercises to take home so I don’t have to spend all of my days in an office being adjusted.

    -Tiffany W.
  • Thank you for all being so wonderful!! Very impressed with everything!

    -Bruce K.
  • I was pleasantly pleased with the amount of time that was spent and the relief I got afterwards. Thank you!

    -Tammy H.

Learn More Today

Ready to get your health back on track with a focused care plan? We can’t wait to welcome you to our practice and learn more about your goals in life and health. Get started today by booking your visit with us-we happily accept most major insurance plans!

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