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woman sitting on couch holding lower back in painOne of the most common issues that bring patients to the practice is sciatica, which is not a diagnosis but a symptom. When your sciatic nerve is compressed, impinged or irritated it can cause numbness, tingling or pain that goes through your hip and down your leg and ultimately in your foot.

It usually gets worse with periods of sitting or standing. This type of discomfort often affects pregnant women, those with diabetes, and people who are obese.

Offering a Multi-Pronged Approach

Our chiropractors are excellent diagnosticians. They perform a very specific orthopedic test combined with a functional movement test, history, and imaging (if needed) to determine why a patient is having sciatica.

We have many ways to address it depending on the origin of the pain itself. If it’s muscular-based pain there are multiple release techniques we can use from dry needling to Active Release Technique.

For those with disc bulging we employ a technique called the McKenzie Method®, an effective physical therapy approach to help reduce the disc bulge. From there we use other techniques such as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), which is a strength training core activation technique to strengthen the core and hips to reduce the probability of sciatica returning.

How do you get sciatica?

This symptom is often the result of cumulative damage. Years of poor posture and being overweight can contribute to sciatica. The way you sit, how often you sit, how you stand, the position of your body, and exercise throughout the day are also contributing factors that can drive sciatica.

Can chiropractic cure it?

This type of natural care cures nothing! Only your body can do that. Our job is to diagnose the tissue of origin behind what’s causing the sciatica and reduce the sciatic irritation through lifestyle and ergonomic changes, treatment, and stability exercise to ensure it doesn’t come back once it’s treated.

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