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Perform at Your Athletic Best With Pre-Workout Warm-ups

people doing crossfit in gymAre you a CrossFit athlete being nagged by painful muscles and joints, but you don’t want to miss the workout, scale movements, or use pills, surgery, or long periods of rest? In his video, Dr. Jake Schaake shows how to set PRs, perform at your best, and do it pain-free by using a pre-workout warm-up to implement consistently.

To get started, we will check for some of our common shoulder causes of pain, such as shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears, and trigger points around the shoulder, especially up in our traps. We can get upper cross syndrome from tight traps and pecs, and we can have poor thoracic stabilization.

Tests For Shoulder Pain

  • Clunk Test
  • Internal and External Rotation
  • Check Muscle Tension
  • Loaded Bicep Tests
  • Empty Can Test
  • Full Can Test
  • General Shoulder Range of Motion
  • Apley’s Scratch Test
  • Four Point Rock Test

Treatment Options

First, we need to determine if it is a mobility or stability issue we are dealing with, and our exam will tell us that. This will help us guide our treatment for what the patient needs. If we have someone who needs more stability, then we follow our DNS model style of treatment. DNS is short for Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, and the goal of the treatment is to activate the proper muscles to stabilize various joints well.

An important aspect of DNS treatment is the ability to generate proper intra-abdominal pressure, so that when we perform the exercises, the joints are in the best position.

Learn More

Check out our video to see the exercises that can be great pre-gym warm-ups and rehab, as well as the treatments we perform in the office for patients with shoulder pains.


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