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Ease Back Pain With These Helpful Exercises

Your low back pain is still bugging you, you’re still having trouble sleeping, and you can’t get to the gym. So let’s talk about a few exercises that you can do at home that can start to knock down some of that pain and keep it away. This assumes you’ve already been evaluated by a licensed chiropractor, you’ve had a thorough examination, and all red flags have been ruled out.

We’ve identified this is a musculoskeletal complaint and is being treated conservatively, and we have some common home exercise programs or exercises that we prescribe. This is not a cookie-cutter approach, nor will all these work for each patient. So make sure you’ve been evaluated first before you try these.

The McKenzie Method®/MDT

The first exercise we will talk about is MDT or mechanical diagnosis and treatment, or The McKenzie Method, which is end-range loading. Most commonly in our chiropractic office, we see a flexion-based injury from sitting in poor posture, because this is our American lifestyle.

Everything is in just a dumpy, forward-flexed posture, which means we need to reverse that accumulation of time in that forward posture. Basically, we will start by lying down on our stomachs, hands under the shoulders, and we’re just going to press up and repeat that 10 to 15 times. After that’s done, we can check our pain and decide if that movement changed our pain.

Foam Roller

person on foam rollerOne of the easiest, simplest things you can do is get yourself a foam ruler and lie down, get yourself some global extension by just extending over the upper to mid back over it. While using the foam roller, we are staying out of the low back and neck and focusing on creating motion in the middle back to help take pressure off the low back.

Stability Exercises

Dead bug exercises are a great tool to create stability in the low back. A key aspect of this exercise is creating intra abdominal pressure and loading the hips and shoulders. This helps decompress the spine and the musculature around it.

Movement Is Medicine

Getting outside walking is one of the things that we encourage for most, if not all, of our patients. Get outside enough, get some vitamin D, get some steps in, and try to do it at a quicker pace, and that naturally puts a little bit of extension in the back for you.

Diet Matters

An easy at-home thing that you can do is look at your diet. We like to push our patients more towards an anti-inflammatory diet, which can help reduce some effects at the injury site.

Schedule an Evaluation First

If you’re suffering with back pain, we want to help. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation. After being assessed, feel free to try some of these exercises and see if any of them can alleviate your pain.

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