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More Reviews for Back Pain Center

Informative and Helpful

I felt my visit was very informative and helpful. The doctor explained things well and gave me hope that treatment will be helpful. Received a thorough, but understandable report quickly. I have tried chiropractic treatment before but he helped me more. I was very satisfied with my treatment and will return. – Patrice S.

Positive To Complete Recovery

My jaw is feeling better already, and I was able to eat some solid food. Yay!!! I am diligently doing my jaw exercises. I feel very positive about a complete recovery. Thank you, Dr. Matt. – Diana B.

Thorough and Very Educational

I met with Dr. Matt for the first time and I was very satisfied. I had an improvement of symptoms literally the second I walked out. He was thorough and very educational when telling me what was going on! Thanks, Matt!! – Katie N.

Dr. Matt is Amazing!

Dr. Matt Nicholson was amazing! He was extremely personable, attentive to my problems and great overall to work with! I will definitely be a patient for life!! – Tracy K.

Very Patient

Such a great first time experience! I was very nervous about my first visit, but they made me feel at ease and were very patient with answering any questions I had. – Jenna P.

Highly Recommend

I have now had several visits to Dr. Matt Nicholson. I was skeptical at first but he immediately put my mind at ease. He has been very informative in diagnosing my condition, treating me accordingly and, at the same time, being very compassionate. I would highly recommend him and The Back Pain Center. – Sandra P.

Positive First Experience

This was my very first ever chiropractor visit. I was apprehensive but I am so glad I followed through with the visit. It was so much better than I expected. I will definitely recommend Dr. Nicholson. – Sue H.

Very Thankful

Scott is by far the best Chiro I have seen. Very thankful Avi Suri encouraged me to see him and I can’t wait for my next appointment! Oh, and the other guy or intern in the room sorry I can’t remember his name… he was very helpful as well and made me at ease. Very thankful for my first awesome experience with y’all! My jaw feels so much better! See ya soon! – Brittany C.

Very Helpful

Dr. Brinker is very helpful and is extremely encouraging. He’s also very knowledgeable and gives you different ways to help you recover quickly! – Savanna B.

Ryan was a huge help!

I will continue my exercises but will be back if need be! Everyone in the office also were very helpful. Ryan Brinker explained everything before proceeding and my neck feels so much better! – Diana E.


This was my first visit to a Chiropractor. Being in the health care industry, I was always a little hesitant. I have to say that I was impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Grogan. He made eye contact with me from start to finish. His manner is caring and compassionate. He explained, in detail, every aspect of the planned therapy. He offered to work with my trainer so that I can return to full functional capacity. I left feeling confident that I am headed in the right direction and am going to get my issues resolved. – Dorothy G.

I can turn and move without pain!

I had been in an automobile accident and was having trouble turning my neck! My daughter recommended I see Dr. Johnnie at Back Pain Center. After treatment, I can actually freely turn to the left without pain in my neck and left shoulder! The atmosphere of the office was very relaxing and Dr. Johnnie and the staff were very friendly. The front desk staff was able to easily schedule appointments that fit my schedule. Dr. Johnnie was very gentle and knowledgeable and he was wonderful at explaining the treatment that I needed. For the first time in a longtime, I can turn and move without pain! – Sharon P.



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