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Meet Michelle Lynn Gray

Nurse Practitioner

Vital-Infusions-Hannibal-Logo-(1)Michelle began her nursing career as a CNA, followed by becoming a registered nurse (RN). She worked in an emergency room for 10 years, then earned her nurse practitioner degree. For seven years, she provided primary care nursing at a rural health clinic.

Switching gears from conventional medicine, Michelle decided to work in wellness and holistic medicine. That decision sparked an interest in her starting an IV clinic, which is Vital Infusions, based here at Back Pain Center. Now that she’s working in wellness care, Michelle finds it rewarding to help keep people healthy instead of treating disease.

To help optimize patients’ health, Michelle provides vitamins, amino acids and micronutrients in IVs and injections.

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys reading, traveling and playing badminton. She lives in Hannibal and has two daughters.



Michelle Lynn Gray | Back Pain Center