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Prehab/Rehab in O’Fallon

Prehab is an intermediary step in the process of an athlete returning to play. Let’s say any given athlete has been able to manage their pain level through chiropractic treatment and whatever else we’re doing. The next step is not releasing them back into their sport because they’re not ready. There’s still an injury risk. They go into prehab.

O'Fallon prehab session

“Prehab” can help a patient safely return to activities after an injury.

Personalized, Proactive Care

Prehab is different from rehab in that it’s proactive. After patients go through an acute care phase (rehab) with us they are then sent over to the prehab side. Patients work with our trainer Kristen Roles who will help them progress through a system of strength training and stability exercises. Back Pain Center comes equipped with a small gym and rehab facility for patients’ convenience.

It’s important for patients to go through this prehab process before we release them back to play or completely release them as patients to a maintenance or as-needed schedule once they’re out of acute care.

Prehab is sometimes co-managed. In these cases, a patient will see the doctor once a week and Kristen once a week. You may then be done seeing the doctor and exclusively work with Kristen. You may also go back to working with the doctor. Everything we do in the office is completely customized to an individual’s needs.

Who Can Benefit from Rehab and Prehab?

Many types of patients can benefit from prehab and rehab. Whether they can’t move well or are overweight or have difficulty breathing, those patients are recurrent injury risks and all are in need of rehab and prehab.

If you are seeing us for prehab or rehab, we will perform an exam on the first day, whether you come in for an acute problem or not. In that exam, we check the integrity and the strength of different parts of your body. Each visit is 30 minutes.

Move better and live better with our rehab and prehab services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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