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bpc nutrition

Nutrition Services

No diets.  No fads.  No gimmicks.

Nutritional Counseling & Other Services
at very affordable rates.

1 Hour Initial Assessment Nutrition Counseling

$125 per session

● This is an in-depth initial analysis to better understand your current condition and assess your individual needs. Learn to navigate the world of healthy eating and diet modification in a private and comfortable environment. She will also take measurements, determine your body fat percentage, and obtain your weight so we can track you progress throughout this process. Emily will work closely with you to help and support you in achieving your goals.

30 Minute Follow-up Visits

$50 per session
$160 for 4 follow-up sessions (20% discounted price per session)
$240 for 8 follow-up sessions (40% discounted price per session)

● We recommend a minimum three month commitment from all patients that decide to pursue nutrition counseling. We believe it is important to follow up on your progress, provide additional education/counseling, address any questions or concerns, and also evaluate the goals created in previous appointments.

Personalized Meal Planning

$100 for 4-week meal plan**
$225 for 12-week meal plan (25% discounted price)**

● Emily will work with you to create customized meal planning geared specifically towards your nutrition & weight goals

**This does not include your 1 hour Initial Assessment Nutrition Counseling Session

Additional Services Offered

● ALCAT Food Sensitivity and Intolerance testing

    ○ Discover which foods and other substances trigger chronic inflammation and its related health issues such as gastrointestinal, metabolic disorders and others

● Comprehensive Blood Test Panels

    ○ Metabolic & Chemistry Profiles, Vitamin/Mineral Nutrient Deficiencies, etc.

● Grocery Store Tours

    ○ Spend time with Emily touring your local grocery store. Learn how to shop healthful, interpret misleading food labels, and navigate the grocery store