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bpc nutritionBPC Nutrition FAQs

Meet our registered and licensed dietitian

Find out how the program works

What is BPC Nutrition?

BPC Nutrition, headed by Emily Welin, is a real take on diet, lifestyle, and sports performance nutrition. We create customized nutrition plans per individual, as opposed to generalized blanketing “diets” that are limited and short term.

fruits and vegetablesWhy BPC Nutrition?

Diet and nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is an epidemic in America, and people are frustrated and confused by what is actually healthy, and how to eat. We are solving this problem by creating customized meal planning, to hit weight loss and performance goals.

Why not just follow a diet like Paleo or Zone?

Diets like this are very generalized, and do not take into consideration allergies, food sensitivities, portions, or goals… BPC Nutrition is a custom plan per client, considering any and all things related to your nutrition.

What is the commitment?

We ask for a three month commitment from all clients that decide to pursue meal planning.

Do I have to check in every month?

Yes. Holding clients accountable is a very important part of the program.

Additional Nutrition Services

Nutritional Counseling

Learn to navigate the world of healthy eating and diet modification in a private and comfortable environment. Jennifer will work closely with you to help and support you in achieving your goals.

Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

Discover the foods that are causing your health issues, and learn how to eliminate and avoid.

Body Composition Testing

Track your progress through body composition testing, measurements and lab testing.

Personalized Meal Planning

Take the thinking out of eating with customized meal planning geared specifically towards your goals.

Grocery Store Tours

Spend time with Jennifer touring your local grocery store. Learn how to shop healthy and interpret misleading food labels.

Conditions Most Commonly Managed

Diabetes, weight management, heart disease, cancer, food sensitivities and allergies, hypoglycemia, kidney disease, high blood pressure, athletic performance, gastrointestinal disorders

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