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Nutrition Services for O’Fallon

No diets.  No fads.  No gimmicks.

Custom meal planning at very affordable rates

Nutrition: A Lifestyle, Not a Diet

fruits and veggies with measuring tapeWith so many processed, nutritionally bankrupt foods on the market, it’s no wonder many people are not eating optimally. And with the dizzying array of fad diets that come and go with great frequency, it’s sometimes hard to know how to eat. At Back Pain Center, we take the guesswork out of healthy eating and help people to embrace a lifestyle, not a diet. We encourage clean eating, and positive lifestyle changes, so you don’t need to rely on weight-loss supplements.

How It Works

Step 1.   Nutritional Consultation:  You’ll come in and sit down with our registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist Emily Welin in a one-on-one setting, to discuss your goals, struggles and lifestyle.  We’ll find out what works for you, so we can design a meal plan that fits your lifestyle.

Step 2.  Take Your Measurements:  Jen will take your body fat composition, weight and starting pictures to help us develop your custom-tailored meal plans and track your progress.

Step 3.  Meal Planning:  Using the knowledge gained in the consultation, Jen will create a customized meal plan to fit your goals. The meals, which are based on real food, not powders or supplements, are clean, personalized and delicious. Patients do the food purchasing and preparation, but we will provide grocery lists and teach patients how to make their meals.

Step 4.  Check-Ins:  When you purchase a meal plan you get two consults (or check-ins) with Jen. During each check-in, she will re-measure you, and discuss with you whether there are any foods in your plan that you would like to swap out. You can also purchase a three-meal program that allows you six check-ins with Jen

Your Partner in Healthy Eating

Jen is passionate about serving as a partner and support system for her patients. Patients will be able to email her if they have questions or just want to pick her brain. She has many delicious recipes to share and will send out different cooking ideas.

Eat for life with custom, affordable meal planning! Contact us today to schedule a consult with our registered and licensed dietitian.

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